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Meet Jasper

Shaped by the hardworking and dedicated people of his community, Jasper believes in people-powered politics.

His family and faith instill in him a commitment to fighting for others. To secure a brighter future, Jasper believes it is more important than ever to get involved today.

Jasper “Jaz” Martus is a lifelong resident of Flushing, Michigan

Born to David and Karianne Martus, his family’s roots in Genesee County stretch back over a century. He graduated from James Madison College at Michigan State University with a degree in International Relations and a minor in World Religions. Before and after graduating from MSU, Jasper gained experience both in federal and state government. While working for Congressman Dan Kildee he assisted with cases ranging from helping seniors access Social Security and Medicare programs to ensuring that veterans get the care they need. As a staffer in the Michigan House, Jasper oversaw constituent services, drafted legislation, and designed communications for over a dozen different representatives.

While working in the Michigan Legislature, Jasper saw the difference it could make when a community has an advocate in the room and a seat at the table. Jasper ran in 2022 to be his community’s voice in the Michigan House of Representatives. During his campaign, he walked over 1,005 miles while knocking on doors in the eleven cities and townships that make up the 69th District. Hard work paid off and he was elected as one of the youngest state representatives in Michigan history and diligently began working on behalf of his neighbors, friends, and community members.

Since taking office in January of 2023, Jasper has co-sponsored historic pieces of legislation that were signed into law including repealing the pension tax, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, repealing the so-called “Right to Work” law, codifying abortion access in the state, and vigorously combating climate change in a way that creates jobs and protects our natural resources.

He has been a champion for transformative policies including the creation of the Office of Worker & Economic Transition which helps workers dealing with job loss find new and better paying jobs, and economic development initiatives that keep Michigan competitive nationally like the Research and Development Tax Credit. As vice chairman of both the Health and Human Services Committee and the Labor and Economic Opportunity Committee, Jasper helped to steer record funding toward mental health in our schools, expanding access to healthcare in low income communities, improved access to job training programs, and helping young people prepare to enter college or career.

Jasper is proud of what he has accomplished, but knows there is far too much work that is left to do because Genesee County has been overlooked and underinvested for decades. He is continuing to fight for issues like Paid Family and Medical Leave, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, creating good paying jobs, improving our state’s crumbling infrastructure, and getting money out of our political system.

Will you help him continue his fight for Genesee County?