Invest in Jobs

Our economy is undergoing historic changes. If we do not prepare for the future, we will be lost to the past. Whether it is spearheading new sectors of the economy like batteries and brewing or fortifying critical pillars such as agriculture and automobiles, our economy grows when everyone does better. That means starting new job training programs to help those who are unemployed or looking for a new line of work.

Small businesses should benefit from a state government that invests in entrepreneurs. The right to unionize must be strengthened and expanded. No economic decision should be made in Michigan without working people having a say.

Expand Education

Education is the key to success. In our increasingly competitive economy education is no longer about reading, writing, and arithmetic. Parents should be able to count on high quality pre-k and development programs which ensure that no child falls behind. Our K-12 schools deserve more resources so that we can pay teachers more, hire more well trained counselors, and reduce class sizes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When young people graduate from high school, they should have options. Whether it is affordable college or well-funded trade schools, your family’s income should not impact your opportunities.

Rebuild our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure has been underfunded for decades. Whether it is corrosive lead pipes or crumbling roads, the failure to invest in our infrastructure can have a deadly impact. The federal government is starting to take this seriously, but it will require the coordination of all levels of government. We can do this in a way that benefits our economy by creating union jobs and our environment through investments in green infrastructure.

Investing in better options for transportation including fuel efficient cars and high speed railways will make our community better connected than ever before. Improving the safety of our water systems will help put the tragic legacy of the Flint Water Crisis behind us. We need infrastructure as strong as the people who live in our communities.

This campaign is not possible without you. Whether it is donating a few dollars, an afternoon spent knocking doors or writing letters to your neighbors, this endeavor will take all of us working together to win.